Utilnorm S.L. was founded in 1962 with the objective of standardizing the offer of elements for utillaje, with the french brand Norelem, at the beginning, and with a wider range later on.

Without never quitting the commercialization of elements for utillaje, Utilnorm, S.L. has been specializing progressively in the range of accessories for machinery and mechanical devices.

Thanks to the specialization in a line of products and to their near 50 years of presence in the market, Utilnorm, S.L. has a deep knowledge that allows it to carry out professional advice, having solid approaches to recommend the best selection of their offer.

Utilnorm, S.L. includes in the catalog the normalized elements for the utillajes construction and mechanical devices of the brand Norelem, also the plastic accessories of the Italian brand Elesa or those elements of maneuver of the German brand Ganter, among other not less outstanding.

The evolution plans and development to offer our clients a bigger and more satisfactory service has taken us to move to some wider facilities, to the edition of a catalog with new products, available so much printed as in CD-ROM, and to the creation of the present Interactive Web.

The future of the company goes to continue maintaining the restlessness that have characterized this veteran although young company, in order to adapt at the times and the new needs of the market.